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Circle J Horse Trailers- Past, Present, and Future (Part III)


Circle J trailersBig Tex Trailers purchased Circle J Trailers in 2009 and immediately began paving the way for a new and improved product line to the reputable and true performing Circle J name.  As Circle J trailers continue to improve, you can’t help getting anxious to see the next big unveiling for the company.  When anybody constantly takes the best and makes it better, it keeps the rest of the world on the edge of their seat and hungry for more! 

Big things are in store for Circle J Trailers for the following years.  Just recently, Circle J began production on their newest addition to their trailer lineup- the Aluminum Stampede Stock trailer!

Everybody at Circle J is excited for the launch of this new model.  In this past year, we have seen an increase in the demand for livestock trailers.   In an economy where sales are down across the board, livestock trailers have seen a significant increase.  To meet the demands of this type of market, Circle J has implemented the “cow punch siding” to the Stampede Stock.  There has been an increase in demand for this punch siding from cattlemen in the western states.  This style falls in the same line as the large semi transport cattle trailers used with large cattle operations and feed lots.  The holes and “v-crimp” offer rigidity to the structure while maintaining ventilation that you need when hauling a lot of animals.Circle J trailers

Speaking of the “v-crimp”, Circle J Stampede trailers have three crimps in each side sheet compared to one or two that the competition offers.  This adds strength to the side.  The third crimp is located hip level for cattle and provides a stronger structure to move against, which protects the life of your trailer.  The Mustang and the Lariat satisfy those customers who seek the traditional open aired siding, but for those that want this bold new look, the Stampede delivers!

This new all-aluminum gooseneck stock trailer is available in 20’ and 24’ lengths.  The heavy duty 7000# torsion axles allow the trailer to stand up to whatever and wherever you may be hauling.  This trailer also comes standard with rubber floor mats and a rubber bumper for your animals’ safety.  Circle J recognized the need for versatility when it comes to hauling a trailer, so the Stampede Stock comes standard with a calf gate and full walking fenders, rather than just fender steps.  Another unique feature that sets the Stampede apart from the competition is the fact that a rear slider gate is STANDARD!!  On larger stock trailers such as this, that rear slider makes it a lot easier to load out of chutes or constrained spaces.  They are convinced that this rear slider is the easiest to maneuver as well as being the most durable.

Circle J trailersWhen comparing this trailer to the competition, there are a few features that give the Circle J Stampede the edge.  This trailer’s design was influenced by Vern Cobb himself, in order to provide the best trailer for all environments.  Circle J welds all joints, where other trailer manufacturers use rivets.  Circle J stands by their Douglas Fir wood floors and feel that this is the best option for stock trailers.  When a solid aluminum floor is put into a trailer, the floor eventually resembles a crinkled pop can.

When Circle J first developed their stock trailer line, they recognized that most stock trailer manufacturers were located in the Midwest, where a lighter built trailer is preferred.  In harsh elements and rough country, a heavy duty beefier trailer is crucial.   Because of Circle J’s efficiency in producing its product and the value packed into the standard trailer, they become the prime choice for purchasing or ordering a trailer.

Circle J already has a well-developed line of stock trailers in place.  They started with the Mustang bumper pull stock, which is an all steel stock trailer, and eventually moved into an aluminum version of the mustang, an aluminum Longhorn bumper pull or gooseneck stock trailer, and the steel stampede gooseneck stock trailer.Circle J trailers

When Circle J began building stock trailer, The Mustang steel stock trailer best reflected the market.  This trailer comes in 12, 14, or 16 foot lengths, Douglas Fir wood floor, and strong galvaneal steel side panels with a “v-crimp.”  The Mustang was taken a step further when Circle J decided to come out with an all-aluminum edition to the model lineup.  This trailer has the same length options and flooring, but has an all-aluminum structure with a “v-crimp” in the siding.

The next step in the stock trailer lineup was to make a “deluxe” aluminum model.  This is where the Longhorn is formed.  There are a few differences between the Mustang and the Longhorn.  First and foremost, The Longhorn comes in a bumper pull or gooseneck configuration and up to 20’ long.  The sides on a Longhorn are corrugated aluminum rather than the smooth aluminum with the “v-crimp”.  The corrugated is used on the Longhorn because it is a stronger sidewall.  The Longhorn has more options and a larger escape door, which makes it the “deluxe” aluminum stock trailer.

BCircle J trailersefore the new Aluminum Stampede Stock trailer came about, Circle J trailers built a steel version of the Stampede.  This trailer is very similar in design to its all-aluminum counterpart, with LED lights, punched steel sides, Douglas Fir wood floors, and options that would appeal to any cattleman.

Circle J continues to move in a positive direction and are hard at work to deliver the next great innovation to the trailer world.  From a single man with a vision in 1961, to being owned by the largest trailer operation in the United States, it is easy to see how Circle J Trailers brings the value to the end customer!


Interested learning more about Circle J's trailer lineup?! View our inventory here!


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Posted @ Tuesday, March 12, 2013 7:46 AM by ChristianHart
I really like how you are trying different designs for your trailers. The welds in the joints and adding the v-crimp are both great components. My grandfather hauls horses back and from two different properties. I love to go with him and help him load them up into the trailer. I would always pay attention to their design. Thanks for sharing about the progression of your trailer design.
Posted @ Friday, March 13, 2015 1:31 PM by Johnny Shi
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